About us

Producciones Romarme SL is the video company that we have created to produce the documentary Revolución Bitcoin.

The team

Director: Juan Pablo Mejía

(Juan en Cripto)

Bitcoin advocate and content creator since 2017.

He has worked with multiple cryptocurrency companies in Switzerland, the UK, Gibraltar, and Spain.

Top 10 of the most influential in the crypto ecosystem in Spain in 2020.

Producer: Camila Rodríguez

Over 7 years working in international documentary productions.

Special interest in revealing hidden possibilities in controversial topics and documenting the revolutions of her time.

Curious about Bitcoin.

Editor: Pablo Martínez

Video producer and editor with over 15 years of experience in television, advertising, and short films.

Passionate about stories that are changing the world and that can have a positive impact on the audience.

Bitcoin user and believer in the revolution started by Satoshi.

Screenwriter: Jorge Bartolome

Audiovisual communicator specialized in screenwriting.

Passionate about the documentary genre.

He has worked on productions for HBO, Al Jazeera, and Movistar, as well as with some of the main production companies in Spain.

Social Media: Oswaldo Torres

Social media and digital marketing enthusiast.

Interested in the positive impact that new technologies can have on society.

Always willing to share his knowledge and ideas with the community.

In addition to the main team, Revolución Bitcoin has had the contribution of cameramen, sound engineers, illustrators, graphic designers, editors, makeup artists, and more people who have put their work so that this documentary becomes a reality.

You can be part of the team

To contribute by other means, if you want to sponsor the documentary, or if you want your donation certificate, send us an email at revolucionconb@gmail.com


You can also support us by following Revolución Bitcoin on social media and sharing this campaign with your family and friends.


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