The project

Welcome to the first international cinematographic documentary about Bitcoin in Spanish.

Our goal

Create a conversation about Bitcoin's transformative potential, beyond the speculation of the asset.


Document in a serious, broad, and profound way what we believe to be one of the great revolutions of our time.


Share this information with millions of people who can benefit from this technology.

La Bitcoineta 2 - Revolución Bitcoin
RODOLFO WEB - Revolución Bitcoin

Project Status

We have recorded more than 30 interviews and amazing stories in various cities in Spain, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina.


We have gathered some of the most relevant voices of Bitcoin in Spain and Latin America to share their experiences and their approaches to Bitcoin from different perspectives, including its main critics.


We have built a community of more than 9,000 followers on social media, with individual posts that have exceeded 250,000 impressions.


And you can now be part of this great project!

B BITCOIN BEACH - Revolución Bitcoin

Next steps

We are facing the post-production phase with great enthusiasm and diligence to tell the story how it deserves to be told. That's where we need your help.


Support us to achieve an audiovisual product of the highest quality and contribute to this great conversation of our generation and this historical moment that we are living.

ACEPTAMOS BITCOIN - Revolución Bitcoin

Ayuda a que Revolución Bitcoin sea una realidad

If you want to contribute by other means, sponsor the documentary, or get your donation certificate, please send us an email at


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